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Some free proxies or VPN  Follow my instructions properly  Patience
Finding Proxies:
It is very easy to find working proxies. they are floating all over the internet. Just search google "free anonymous proxy list you'll find a lot.

If you have, you can use any VPN, VPS or any proxy switcher but that's not essential.
Using Proxies.Now, add one working proxy in your browser. I am sure you know how to...I am not explaining that. Clean your browser cookies, cache and history after every proxy switch.
The Main Trick
So the setup has done. Now, we will create back links.We all use URL shortener sites almost everyday but do you know those sites have very High PR, High Authority. Most importantly, all of those sites use 301 redirects to land your site. So, when we shorten a link, it actually host our link on their server and so, the link juice passes to your site URL. So, you can find how much powerful these domains most interestingly, the Link Juice passes as soon as you create a shortened link with them. And, we'll exploit this hole and create back-links to our money site.

Here are 100+ high authority URL shorteners which you can use. 🔗 🔗 🔗 -  🔗 🔗 🔗🔗🔗 🔗 More
For Best results, you must boost your back-links so that Google counts those. There are 3 steps to boost our back-links.
1. Index the links: Use the ping sites to ping those shortened back-links. 3-5 times per day. It'll help your back-links to get indexed fast.
2. You can build tier links to those links with SENuke/GSA/or any other bot.
3. Boost with social shares like add me fast or any other.

I know it's bit tough to create all back-links manually. To get some hands free, you can hire anyone to do all the work for you or create a i Macro Script to so the whole work automatically.

SEO is always a work of Persistence and Patience. There is no SEO method to rank your site overnight. Keep doing your work, surely it will boost your ranking.  

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